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Question FAQs

Funerals can vary in cost due to a range of factors. These factors included but are not limited to; if it’s a burial or cremation and the corresponding council/doctors’ fees, the location or venue, the celebrant or clergy fees, and other optional disbursements we pay directly to the supplier such as flowers, press notices, orders of services booklets.

We are proud to offer a wide range of services, depending on the families wishes. You can find a few examples below.

This style of funeral begins with a service at a church or funeral chapel (or other venue), followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium, where there is a final committal ceremony.

A single service funeral can take place at a funeral home chapel, church, crematorium chapel, at the graveside or a special place, such as a park or community hall. This service incorporates a final committal process, and there is no procession to the cemetery or crematorium.

A memorial service takes place after a private burial or Cremation at any of the places referred to above at a time determined by the family.

Families who do not have an affiliation with a church, often choose a civil celebrant to conduct the service. A civil celebrant consults with the family to develop a personalised structure for the service, which he or she leads on the day.

Generally a cremation does cost less then a burial.

The coffin or casket is always cremated with the body of the deceased.


Yes we can liaise with other funeral directors to make the necessary arrangements.

Usually within seven days after Cremation, or as requested by the family.

Young children are more then welcome to attend funerals and can often play an important part in saying goodbye and can contribute in special ways. It can also help the children learn about the impact of deaths and how we celebrate life but also how to respond to bereavement.

Yes, we often organise pre-arrangements with families, and these do not have to be paid for until the funeral. Although you can organise a funeral bond, which allows you to ether pay for the entirety of the funeral at once or make incremental payments. Any amount that is not used for the funeral is refunded back to an elected family member or friend.


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