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Jan 2

Crafting a Meaningful Eulogy: Guidance from Conway Funeral Home

Posted by Conway Funerals

Writing a eulogy is a profoundly personal and significant task, often filled with emotion. It’s an opportunity to honour and commemorate the life of a loved one and to share their story with others. Conway Funeral Home, with its deep understanding and experience in funeral services, offers guidance on how to write a eulogy that is both heartfelt and memorable. This article provides step-by-step advice to help you craft a eulogy that truly reflects the essence of your loved one.

1. Start with Reflection

Begin by reflecting on the life of the person you are honouring. Think about their values, their passions, their life’s journey, and the impact they had on those around them. Remember the small details as well as the significant milestones – these are often what people cherish the most.

2. Collect Stories and Memories

A eulogy becomes richer and more personal with stories and anecdotes. Reach out to family members, friends, and colleagues to gather different perspectives and memories. These shared experiences can provide a more rounded view of your loved one’s life.

3. Organise Your Thoughts

Draft an outline to give structure to the eulogy. This might include an introduction, key life events, personal stories, their influences and contributions, and a conclusion. An outline helps ensure a coherent flow and makes the writing process easier.

4. Speak from the Heart

The most impactful eulogies are those that come from the heart. Write honestly and openly about the person, acknowledging their unique personality, including both their strengths and imperfections. Authenticity resonates more than perfection.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve written the eulogy, practice delivering it. This helps in managing your emotions on the day and ensures clarity and a suitable pace. Remember, it’s normal and okay to show emotion while delivering a eulogy.

6. Be Mindful of Length

Aim for the eulogy to last about five to ten minutes. This duration is generally sufficient to cover the key aspects of the person’s life without being overly lengthy.

7. Include a Personal Element

Personalising the eulogy with a favourite poem, a meaningful quote, or a song lyric that was significant to your loved one can make it even more special. These personal touches often resonate with the audience and can bring comfort.

8. Prepare for the Day

On the day of the funeral, bring a printed copy of the eulogy. Take a moment before you start to collect your thoughts and calm your nerves. Remember, those present are there to support you and share in the remembrance of your loved one.


Writing a eulogy is a special way to pay tribute to a loved one. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their life and the legacy they leave behind. Conway Funeral Home in Melbourne is here to support you through this process, offering guidance and compassion. For more information and support in crafting a eulogy, visit Conway Funeral Home.