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Feb 25

Creating a Memorial Garden with Ashes: A Guide from Conway Funeral Home

Posted by Conway Funerals

Creating a memorial garden using the ashes of a loved one provides a deeply personal space for remembrance and reflection. At Conway Funeral Home, we appreciate the significance of honouring memories in a way that brings comfort and peace to grieving families. This article offers step-by-step advice on setting up a memorial garden at home, making it a fitting tribute to the cherished life of your loved one.

Selecting the Right Location

Choosing a suitable location within your garden is crucial. It should be a peaceful spot that feels right for reflection. Consider the amount of sunlight the area receives and its overall privacy. You might also think about the ease of access throughout the year.

Choosing Plants and Flowers

Select plants and flowers that had special significance to your loved one or that symbolise aspects of their personality or life. For instance, roses might represent love, while lilies could symbolise purity and peace. Perennial plants are particularly poignant as they return year after year, symbolising ongoing life and remembrance.

Incorporating Ashes

There are a few respectful ways to incorporate ashes into your garden:

  • Mixing Ashes with Soil: You can mix the ashes with the soil when planting, which helps integrate your loved one’s essence with the life of the garden.
  • A Dedicated Burial Spot: Place the ashes in a biodegradable urn and bury it in a chosen spot, which can then be marked with a memorial stone or plaque.
  • Scattering: Gently scatter the ashes around the base of a particularly significant plant or tree.

Adding Personal Touches

Personalise the space further with items such as benches, stones, or personal artefacts that remind you of your loved one. These items can enhance the sense of connection to the deceased when you visit the garden.

Maintaining the Garden

Caring for a memorial garden can also be a part of the healing process, as it provides a purposeful activity that keeps you physically and emotionally connected to the memory of your loved one. Regular maintenance will keep the garden a beautiful and serene place to remember and reflect.


A memorial garden is a beautiful and lasting tribute that provides a space for solace and remembrance. At Conway Funeral Home, we support families in creating these meaningful spaces, understanding that each element can contribute significantly to the mourning and healing process.