Steven John Davidson

3rd November 1975 ~ 25th October 2021

Funeral Details

The Funeral Service for the late Steven Davidson will be held on Thursday, 4th November 2021 at 11:00am.
The service will be livestreamed and can be viewed below. 

Conway Funeral Home is not held responsible for any interruption and/or quality issues to any live-streaming and recording failures that may occur as a result of internet service or hardware malfunction.
Please note that if the live-stream loses connection due to internet connectivity, we will upload a copy of the entire service in place of the live-stream. This will usually be done within one business day.

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Oliver Vorenkamp - April 26, 2022 Reply

You taught me a lot during our time at 8/9RAR. Rest in peace brother.

Petersen family - November 5, 2021 Reply

We are so sad for you Steve, for Gabriel, Emily and Clare and for your families. We hold you in our thoughts. I only met Steve a couple of times though Emily, but my impression of a friendly fellow, with a big smile and a house seemingly full of snakes and lizards and other pets, and most importantly your girls, Gabriel, Emily and Clare; will last forever. I see you all in your Oodies together at the front door-the first time I’d ever seen an oodie. Every person leaves a gap behind them when they leave, and we flounder trying to put words together. We see you, we want to support you and we fall short. We are so sorry for your loss. Julie, Mark, Poppy and Felix

Stephen Whitton - November 4, 2021 Reply

It was an honour to serve with you, Davo and I will see you on the other side. You will be missed.

Adrian - November 4, 2021 Reply

See you later mate you’ll be sadly missed but never forgotten, I’m thankful I got to meet and serve with you, my condolences and prayers go out to Gab and the girls.
Arte et Marte

Aaron Scott - November 4, 2021 Reply

A great bloke and a great team to start my career. Rest easy Davo, all the best to the family left here. Arte et Marte

Dean Sutton - November 4, 2021 Reply

You will be missed Davo, thank you for the memories mate. It was an honor to serve alongside you. My condolences to the family. Arte et Marte

Jane porada - November 4, 2021 Reply

Beautiful service. Steve will be missed by all his family
Fred and Jane in-laws

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